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Primary Phone: (562)923-3608

Secondary Phone: (310)283-0046

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Bob Day, Owner


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Shotgun Repair and Modifications

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NEW: Perazzi Rib Repair


Hi, my name is Bob Day . I own and operate R&D Custom Barrel in Pico Rivera, California. Southern California's  #1 Shotgun Repair and Modification Service.  I would like to give you some details  on some of the services I provide my customers. First and foremost I deal personally with each customer . All work is performed  by me... nothing is sent out. This provides you the customer with  total assurance your gun is safe, you can call anytime to ask questions or check job status. No bad attitudes or middlemen to deal with. 

Company Profile

R & D Custom Barrel has been in business since 1990, serving the Southern California area and virtually every state in the Union.

Recognized as a leader in the community by the Pico Rivera Chamber Of Commerce, California Small Business Association, Amateur Trap Shooting Association, NSSA, NSCA and the National Rifle Association.

"Bob, at R&D, works on my personal shotguns and rifles, and I refer all my customers to him.  His work is outstanding."

- Tom John, Four-Time Zone 7 HOA, Seven Time California State Champion, 22-100 Straights in Sporting Clays


"Exceptional work and exceptional service.  Bob Day really knows his stuff.  The modifications on my Perazzi MX8 came back better than the original (if that's possible.)  He is truly an artist who loves what he does!"  

- John Moroney, L.A.P.D. Olympic Shooter (Retired)


"Bob has repaired six Perazzi barrels, with loose side ribs, for me.  His workmanship is impecable and the barrels are as solid as a rock!"

- Ole Vanborg, Champion Master Class Sporting Clay Shooter and 2010 B-Class World FITASC Champion


"I had a trigger problem with my Beretta 687, while shooting with a friend, he recommended I call Bob and we arranged to meet at the club the next day.  He took my gun and called me a few hours later to tell me that it was fixed.  Bob only charged a nominal fee for what I consider to be exceptional work."

- Mark Cross, Tournament Sporting Clays Shooter


"R&D Custom Barrel service has installed choke tubes in six of my shotguns.  The work was not only well done, but completed in a timely manner.  I can't tell you how great it is not to have to carry around those extra barrels."                 

- Ralph Waddy, President, Massey Ferguson Rod & Gun Club


"Every customer that we have referred to you has been more than happy with the quality of work and fine service."                 

- Bruce S. Ivey. Lone Pine Pheasant Club


"We couldn't stop talking about how well our three guns did with steel shot on today's quail opener, after you worked on them.  Nice work, Bob!"               

- John Andico, Art & Quail Hunter, Salinas, CA


"I got my barrel back, this week, and took it to the range.  It showed a 50% better pattern.  I will be telling my hunting contacts about your service."            

- Tony Devito, Avid turkey hunter.  New York, NY


"Bob, got the choke tubes and barrel back, in short order, and thanks again for your good work a fine service."

- Ed Funchess, Water Fowl Hunter. McComb, MI



R & D Custom Barrel has been family owned and operated for over two decades.  Our dedication to giving you, the customer, the best modifications and service at a fair price is our only goal.  We are not happy unless you are.  Our work is guaranteed for life.  Please tell us how we can best serve you. 

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Screw-in choke installation 12, 16, 20,28ga.& .410 bore                                                                                                 

            This is the most requested modification that I perform. As most of you know, the choke  at the end of your barrel determines the size and density of the pattern your shotgun will produce.  Different types of shooting such as trap, skeet, sporting clays, duck, turkey and quail hunting require different size shot and pattern densities for the size of the game and the range of the target. Years ago, say you had an Remington 1100, your full choke barrel and maybe a skeet barrel and modified barrel. Nowadays most guns come with screw-in chokes from the factory. I can install a choke system in your present shotgun, and with 3 or 4 tubes you can adapt to any situation that should arise, and you won't have to lug around all those extra barrels. The turnaround time for installation in my shop is usually 1 to 3 days. All work is performed  with precision tooling on a lathe.

            $115.00 per barrel (not including choke tubes)

            $135.00 per barrel (plated bores, not including choke tubes)



Stainless Steel Flush Mount Tube                   


Stainless Steel Extended Tube (Sporting Clay or Precision Hunter)                      


Rifled Tubes                                                   


Carlson's Dead Coyote Choke Tubes                                                  $41.79
Shorten Barrel, Face, Mill-Rib, Drill-In Tap For Sight (Single-Barrel) $45.00
Shorten Barrel, Face, Mill-Rib, Drill-In Tap For Sight (O/U or SxS) $60.00



*These measurements can be taken with calipers or a micrometer


12ga. REM-Choke                   


12ga. Invector/Win-Choke .850
12ga. TC Std.


12ga TC Thin-Wall


16ga. TC .750
20ga. TC .705
20ga. Invector/Win-Choke .720
28ga. TC .645
.410 TC .505

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Choke Tube Charts (listings are below manufacturers logos)

We stock replacement choke tubes for the following gun makers


 Invector and Invector Plus    




Short and 835 Mag  




Short and S.C. Long  




For other manufacturers, not listed above, please call.  We can probably find what you are looking for.

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Choke tubes are offered in three styles


PATTERN PLUS: flush mounting, bright finish. 


SPORTING CLAYS: extended, knurled, with bright finish. 


PRECISION HUNTER: extended, knurled, with black oxide finish.  


All tubes are manufactured from 17-4ph heat-treated stainless steel and available in the following constrictions.   










Skeet 1


Skeet 1


Skeet 1


Improved Cylinder


Improved Cylinder


Improved Cylinder 


Skeet 2 (Lt. Mod.)


Skeet 2 (Lt. Mod.)


Skeet 2 (Lt. Mod.) 








Improved Modified


Improved Modified


Improved Modified








Extra Full


Extra Full


Extra Full




Turkey 670




8423 Terradell Street

Pico Rivera, CA 90660-5025

(562) 923-3608

Bob Day, Owner


Turkey 665


Turkey 660


Turkey 650


Turkey 640 


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Custom choke work

            This usually entails the opening of the choke. For instance you have a full choke and would like it opened to say improved cylinder. First before any work is performed, I shoot a check pattern with your gun. While the work proceeds, the gun is test patterned until the proper choke is attained. Turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks.

             $125.00 - $150.00 per choke

Perazzi Rib Repair

Loose side ribs for the first 6-12 inches ahead of the breech is a common problem with all Perazzi's.  We machine the barrel and mechanically fasten the side ribs together.  Many of the barrels we repair see 50,000 rounds a year.  After repair, no failures have been reported.  Over the      years, we have also repaired many Beretta ASE 90 side ribs. 

                         1 to 2 weeks.

                     $300.00 - $450

 Barrel porting

           This is a very popular modification usually seen on clay target guns where anything you can do to lessen recoil and fatigue can help put you in the winner's circle. Porting eliminates barrel jump which gives you a quicker second  shot when needed. Porting is becoming extremly popular with dove hunters who normally shoot a lot of shells in a short time frame. It is also popular with waterfowler's who shoot heavy recoiling loads. Typically recoil is reduced by 30%. I use a pattern very similar to Browning's . All barrels are set-up individually, no clamp on drill fixtures or drill motors. All porting is done on a Bridgeport machining center. Turnaround time 1 to 3 days

                 $125.00 Single Barrel

              $250.00 Over and Under

Lengthening and polishing forcing cones

        Lengthening and polishing forcing cones: All shotguns have an area referred to as the forcing cone. It starts at the end of the chamber and tapers to the bore diameter. Generally 3/8" to 1/2" in length  with about 7 degree angle is common on most firearms. Years ago, before plastic wads and modern powders came upon the seen  this acted as a gas seal for the over powder cards. What happens when you shoot, as crimp opens the shot charge is pushed through the forcing cone and into the bore. The outside of the shot charge is deformed from the intense pressure and abrupt angle of the forcing cone. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the pellets are deformed, which causes them to fly out of the pattern. When the forcing cone is lengthened to 1 1/2" to 2" in length with a very gentle angle of 1 1/2 degrees and polished, it makes for a much smoother transition. Deformation of the shot charge is dramatically reduced and pattern density in increased by 8 to 12 percent. It is extremely important to polish the forcing  after it has been cut by the reamer, I have seen quite few lengthened  cones that were not polished. They tend to build up with plastic from the wads, and also rust rather easily. Also, most Beretta's  made after 1992 have a lengthened forcing cone about 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" from the factory. I recommend leaving them alone, as that is of sufficient length. Also beware of the extra long forcing cone, back in the 50's and 60's when Ralph Walker developed and tested these reamers he made them as long as 12". There was no change in performance after 2", so don't get taken in by that garbage. Turnaround time 1 to 3 days.

                    $85.00 per chamber 

                $100.00 plated bores

Barrel Dent Repair

        We remove dents in 12 and 20-gauge barrels, using a hydraulic dent raiser1 to 3 days.

          $75.00 and up.





GraCoil Installations

    The GraCoil is a compression butt plate with an adjustable tension setting and adjustable pad plate, made to fit any shooter's style.   Tension will adjust from 14 lb. to 70 lb. with a maximum stroke of 5/16", producing a response time hardly detected, and no distractions between shots.  The pad plate adjust up or down and side to side with plenty of adjustment for comfort.  Moving parts slide on Teflon liners for a smooth and trouble free motion.  Very little lubrication or maintenance is required.

The GraCoil adds 1" to the stock length, and requires the stock to be shortened in most cases.  All aluminum and stainless steel construction. 



Model # GC15 .................................................$325.00

Model # GC15 LP............................................$375.00

Recoil pad not included



Gunfitting and recoil pads installed


       Gunfitting and recoil pad installation: I stock Pachmayr and Kick-Eez recoil pads. The price covers, pad installation, cutting stock to proper length and pitch, and contouring pad to stock. All stocks are taped and cut slightly long and ground square and to correct length. The open end grain of the buttstock is sealed with Watco oil.  I'm available, by appointment, for personal gun fittings and checking of point of impact at Moore & Moore sporting clays, located near Lakeview Terrace, CA or Triple B Clays, located in South El Monte, CA.


$60.00 (not including pad)
$85.00 (synthetic stocks, not including pad)
$125.00 (personal gun fittings and point of impact checks at range)
$125.00 Install Graco or Jones adjustable butt plate (including pad shaping)
$95.00 Install Stock Shop adjustable butt plate (including pad shaping)






Adjustable comb installation

            We install four-way adjustable comb hardware.  This allows the shooter to custom fit the gun to their self.  The comb hardware easily adjusts up or down, left or right for the proper cast.  The hardware is available in stainless steel or brass.  Please allow 7 to 10 days for installation.


           Autoloaders and special stocks (additional $25.00)  




Sights, mounts, & scope installation

            Sight installations: I stock many popular brands of shotgun sights including Bradley, Raybar, Lyman and Glow-worm. Usually I can install sights while you wait. All sights and mid beads are guaranteed not to fall out, as they are Loctited in place. Drilling and tapping for scope mount installation for all, Springfields, U.S. Enfields,Japs, Mausers, Winchester,Remington 30's and all similar bolt action rifles.

            Call for quote  




Stock repair and refinishing

            I only refurnish with oils, to ensure that future stock repairs dealing with any nicks or scratches will garner the best possible results and ensuring that nicks and scratches are completed easily and in a timely manner. Refinishing with oils enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain. The process in refinishing a stock is as follows:

                1.  The existing finish is completely stripped off,

                2.  the checkering is protected by masking,

                3.  the stock is hand sanded

                    NOTE:  We take great care to prevent damage to the checkering and to maintain the sharp detail of the stocks contour.   

                4.  The oil finish is then applied by hand, buffed, rubbed and re-applied the following day.  

                     This process takes 6 to 12 applications, depending on the type of wood and the woods density.

                5.  The masking is removed from the checkering

                6.  The checkering is chased, cleaned and oiled.

                7.  The stock is hand oiled and the gun is reassembled.

            Turnaround time is 4 to 5 weeks

            $250.00 TO $400.00 per stock




Muzzle brakes installed

            I install muzzle brakes on bolt-action rifles and large caliber single-shot pistols.  Brakes eliminate muzzle jump and up to 45% of felt recoil.  The installation of a muzzle brake can add between 1" and 1.5" to a barrel.  Upon your request, I will cut the barrel to any length you desire at no extra charge.  The brakes are available in Blue Steel or Matte Finish Stainless Steel.  All work is performed on a state-of-the-art lathe.

                     Turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks

                 Blue or Stainless Steel

                 $225.00- $275.00


We also have NEW & USED factory barrels FOR SALE

Plus Many Others - Limited To Stock On Hand - Please Give Us A Call

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Contact Information

R & D Custom Barrel's shop is located in Pico Rivera near the 5 and 605 freeways.  

We are open seven days a week, by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call or e-mail us at the numbers provided below:

Driving Directions


1 Take The I-5 Freeway towards PICO RIVERA.
2. Take the PARAMOUNT BLVD exit N  towards PICO RIVERA 0.2
3. Turn RIGHT onto TELEGRAPH RD. 0.9
4.. Turn LEFT onto FERNADEL AVE. 0.1
5.. Turn RIGHT onto TERRADELL ST. 0.1


Click On Map For Driving Directions From Your Location

Map and Directions Courtesy Of


(562) 923-3608
Address for Shipping & Receiving or Written Correspondence
8423 Terradell Street, Pico Rivera, CA 90660-5025
Electronic mail
General Information: americhoke@gmail.com
Sales: americhoke@gmail.com
Customer Support: americhoke@gmail.com
Webmaster: americhoke@gmail.com

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Payment Information

            We currently accept payment through the following methods.  Cash, Personal Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check. 

We also accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)






Credit Card Made Possible Processing Through


 Processing Source a division of Accesspoint Corporation.. Contact zazu@processingsource.com  (800) 977-4770 for more information.

            Please make checks payable to: R&D CUSTOM BARREL SERVICE

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Shipping Information

At R & D CUSTOM BARREL SERVICE., we recommend that you ship your weapon properly packaged via the United States Postal Service. Below you will find some helpful information on packing and shipping. Please read this section carefully to insure that your package arrives to us safely. Thank you.

Shipping is the sole responsibility of the sender. The information listed below is current as of January 1, 2001, and is provided as a guidline for your shipping needs. Please contact the USPS or your carrier of choice for the most up to date information.


8423 Terradell Street

Pico Rivera, CA 90660-5025


See Contact Info Below For Shop Address, Phone Numbers & Driving Directions

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Realize that packing for shipping is different from packing for moving. Package and freight carriers are far rougher on boxes than are movers.

Here's what you should do:

1. Place the weapon back in its original box. If you no longer have the original box, wrap the object in a similarly sized box with enough packaging so that you don't hear anything move when you shake the box.

2. Pack the first box into a slightly larger box. Insert at least two inches of padding between the inner box and the sides of the outer box.

                    3.      Include a short letter with

Your Name

Return Address

Phone Number, with area code

E-Mail Address

A detailed description of the problem or work to be performed

Your preferred method for return shipment

                   4. Ship the box

Registered Mail

Provides maximum protection and security for valuables. Available only for items paid at Priority Mail and First-Class Mail rates. May be combined with COD, restricted delivery, or return receipt. Postal insurance is provided for articles with a declared value up to a maximum of $25,000. Only items with no declared value may use registry service without insurance.

Priority Mail

Priority Mail offers 2-day service to most domestic destinations. Items must weigh 70 pounds or less and measure 108 inches or less in

combined length and girth.


Priority Mail envelopes, labels, and boxes are available at no additional charge at post offices or by calling 1-800-222-1811. Pickup

service is available for $8.25 per stop, regardless of the number of pieces.


You may also send your shotgun via the following carriers:


$13.75 - $22.75 (Depending on location)



 NEXT DAY AIR   About $18.00

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Shotgun Links

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The Internet's leading shotgun resource since 1995


Shooting Organizations

Places to Shoot

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Shotgun Manufacturers & Importers

Courtesy Of 

A - E
F - N
O - Z
AYA Aguirre Y Aranzabal
E-Mail: glenn351@mindspring.com
Manufactured in: SpainImporters: Armes de Chasse, Hertford, NC (888) 291-4636; John F. Rowe, Enid, OK (580) 233-5942; Fieldsport, Traverse City, MO (616) 933-0767; New England Custom Gun Ltd., W. Lebanon, NH (603) 469-3450; British Game Guns, Kent, WA (253) 859-5164.

Alex Imports
1550 Frontage Rd., Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 296-1759 FAX: 2637
Contact: Alex Sullivan
Importer and distributor of Sabatti shotguns and rifles.
Visit our Web Site at: sites.netscape.net/glenn351usa/index.htm

American Arms, Inc.
2607 NE Industrial Dr., N. Kansas City, MO 64117
(816) 474-3161 FAX: 1225
E-Mail: glenn351@mindspring.com
Est.: 1982 Staff: 16
Gen. Mgr: Sean Cowan
Manufactured in: Italy & Spain Price Range: $499 to $1,245 boxlock actions, entry level O/U - all gauges; hunting competition, specialty 10 & 12 ga. 3 1/2", entry level to professional/competition grade. Also Uberti lever action rifles, single action revolvers. New offerings include express rifle & rifle/shotgun combo. New: "Sharps" rifles imported from Italy, ranging in price from $675 to $725.
Vist our Web Site at: sites.netscape.net/glenn351usa/index.htm

Armes de Chasse
Box 86, Hertford, NC 27944
(888) 291-4636 (252) 426-2245
FAX: (252) 426-1557
Est.: 1982 Staff: 3
Mktg. Mgr: Art Foley
Price Range: $3,000 & Up Auguste Francotte - Belgium; Aguirre Y Aranzabal-Spain

Armsport, Inc.
3590 NW 49th St., Miami, FL 33142
(305) 635-7850 FAX: (305) 633-2877
Est.: 1974 Staff: 8
Contact: S.G. Somerstein
Manufactured in: ItalyPrice Range: $499.94 to $2,800 Importer of shotguns for Bernardelli, Rizzini and Lumar from Italy. Importer of the Sarsilmaz (Turkish) over/under, Pump and Automatic 12-gauge shotgun.

Arrieta Manufacturas, S.L.
5 Barrio Ursandi, E-20870 Elgoibar, Spain
FAX: 011-34-43-74-3154
Manufactured in: SpainImporters: Griffin & Howe, New York, NY (212) 921-0980 and Bernardsville, NJ (908) 766-2287 and Greenwich, CT (203) 618-0270; Jack J. Jansma, Grand Rapids, MI (616) 677-1980; New England Arms Corp., Kittery Point, ME (207) 439-0593; Quality Arms, Houston, TX (713) 870-8377; Orvis, Manchester, VT (802) 362-2580

The Asprey Gun Room
167 New Bond St., London, W1Y 0AR, England
011-44-171-493-6767 Ext. 2300
FAX: 011-44-171-917-8083
Est: 1990
Mgr: William Asprey
Manufactured in: England Side by Side shotguns available in 12 gauge to .410. Also double rifles and bolt rifles, in all calibers. Sporting clothing and accessories.

Atkin Grant & Lang
Broomhill Leys, Windmill Rd., Markyate, Hertfordshire, AL3 8LP England
Est.: 1821
FAX: 011-44-1582-842318
Managing Dir: Ken Duglan
E-mail: atkingrantlang@btinternet.com http://www.atkin-grant-and-lang.co.uk/ Traditionally manufactured in England, Best London Side-by-Side and Over-and-Under shotguns in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauges. Breech loading rifles available in requested calibres. Always a fine selection of Atkin Grant & Lang preowned Best guns and other quality London makers on show in our gun room.

Benelli USA Corp.
17603 Indian Head Hwy., Accokeek, MD 20607-2501
(301) 283-6981 FAX: 6988
Contact: Steve Otway
Semi-automatic shotguns with a simple, high performance inertia recoil operating system: Super Black Eagle , Sport , Legacy , Executive , Montefeltro and M1 Super 90 .

Beretta U.S.A.
17601 Beretta Dr., Accokeek, MD 20607
(301) 283-2191 FAX: 0189
Est.: 1977 Staff: 520
O/U and Semi-Automatic Competition Shotguns and Field Guns. Pistols, knives, gun cases, Beretta Sport clothing and accessories.

Visit our Web Site at: 

Big Bear Arms & Sporting Goods
1112 Milam Way, Carrollton, TX 75006
(800) 400-2327 (972) 416-1359
FAX: (972) 416-0771
Est.: 1988 Staff: 6
President: Berge Boghossian
Manufactured in: RussiaPrice Range: $299 to $2,000 Importers of the Saiga .410 and 12 gauge Models IJ-27, IJ-39 and IJ-43.

Boss & Co., Ltd.
Gun and Rifle Makers
13 Dover St., London, W1X 3PH England, 011-44-171-493-1127
Phone/Fax: 011-44-171-493-0711
Managing Dir: T.M. Robertson
Est: 1812 E-mail: bossguns@aol.com Website: www.bossguns.co.uk Manufactured in: England Side by Side; available in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410. Over and Under; available in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410. Over and Under rifles available in heavy calibres.

British Sporting Arms Ltd.
RR1, Box 193A, Millbrook, NY 12545
(800) 318-8693 (914) 677-8303
FAX: (914) 677-5756
Est.: 1988 Staff: 3
Contact: Charles or Margaret Schneible
E-mail: bsaltd@idsi.netwww.bsaltd.com Specializing in sporting & wing shooting guns; the European Spec. B325/B425 Browning, the Belgium made B25 Browning and fine English apparel and gifts. Call for our new catalogue or visit us at our retail store.

Brolin Industries, Inc.
2755 Thompson Creek Rd., Pomona, CA 91767
(909) 392-7822 FAX: 7824
Est.: 1990 Staff: 35
Contact: William Lin
Hawk HP9 Pump Action Shotguns are available in Lawman, field, combo and other specialty series.

One Browning Place, Morgan, UT 84050
(800) 333-3288 (801) 876-2711
Est.: 1878 Staff: 350
Offers sporting clays, trap and and skeet over/unders, BT-100 single barrel trap and Gold Sporting Clays semi-auto. Complete line sporting firearms, gun accessories, gun safes, gun cases, knives, footwear, clothing and archery equipment for the outdoor enthusiast.

Visit our Web Site at: 

PO Box 171073, Kansas City, KS 66117-0073
(800) 955-4486 FAX: (913) 321-2251
Gen. Mgr: Alice Poluchova
CZ 581 Model 4, O/U shotgun

Century International Arms, Inc.
PO Box 714, 5 Lemnah Dr., St. Albans, VT 05478
(800) 527-1252 FAX: (561) 998-3210
Est.: 1949 Staff: 180
Contact: Howard Sulcher
Importers of: Silma Shotgun (12 ga.)-Italy; Russian T0Z-34P (12 ga.)-Russia

Chapuis Armes
Z.I. La Gravoux, B.P. 15, St. Bonnet-le-Chateau, 42380 France, 011-33-47750-7027
FAX: 011-33-47750-1070
Contact: Rene Chapius
Price Range: Contact directly for price quoteHigh quality SxS and O/U shotguns. Manufactured on a limited basis.

E.J. Churchill (Gunmakers) Ltd.
Ockley Rd., Beare Green,, Dorking, Surrey RH5 4PU England, 011-44-1306-711435
Contact: Robin Hawes
FAX: 011-44-1306-711435
Manufactured in: England Side-by-side shotguns with custom features

Cole Arms, Inc.
2225 Pinehurst, McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 472-8539 FAX: 4600
President: Bill Cole
Manufactured in: USAPrice Range: $7,795 to $18,000 Manufacture custom single barrel trap guns. 3 basic models and custom guns available.

Comlanber, S.A.
Zubiaurre 5, PO Box 3, Zaldibar, Vizcaya, Spain 48250
FAX: 011-34-94-6827999
Contact: Manuel Santos
Over-and-under shotguns and semi-automatic shotguns.

Dakota Arms, Inc.
HC55, Box 326, Sturgis, SD 57785
(605) 347-4686 FAX: 4459
Sales Mgr: Paulette Kok
Manufactured in: USAManufactures 2 grades of SxS: The American Legend (a limited edition); and Premier. All grades weigh 6 lbs. and are offered in 20 gauge. A 12 gauge and 28/.410 gauge combination will follow.

Charles Daly
The Shooting Sports Specialist
PO Box 6625, Harrisburg, PA 17112
(717) 540-8518 FAX: 8567
Contact: Steven M. Cohen
Under the "Charles Daly" Trademark, K.B.I., Inc. of Harrisburg, PA is bringing to the U.S. market a complete selection of over and under shotguns, side-by-side shotguns, centerfire and rimfire rifles, handguns, black powder rifles, ammunition and optics, all of the highest quality and value.

John Dickson & Son
21 Frederick Street, Edinburgh EH2 2NE Scotland,
FAX: 011-44-131-225-3658
Est: 1820
Contact: Mr. Wight or
Mr. Nelson
Manufactured in: U.K. Side by Side round action ejector; available in 12 and 20 gauge.

Lewis Drake & Associates
305 S. 8th St., Murray, KY 42071
(502) 436-5270 FAX: 5257
Contact: Lewis Drake
Manufactured in: EnglandPrice Range: $30,000-$50,000 Charles Lancaster "twelve-twenty" is the lightest and strongest side by side ever made.

Dynamit-Nobel/RWS, Inc.
81 Ruckman Rd., PO Box 430, Closter, NJ 07624
(201) 767-1995 FAX: 1589
Contact: Frank Turner
Manufactured in: GermanyImporter of Rottweil Paragon shotguns (Germany) and Rottweil Brenneke slugs.

European American Armory
PO Box 1299, Sharpes, FL 32959
(407) 639-4842 FAX: 7006
Contact: George Woford
E-mail: eaacorp@bv.netwww.eaacorp.com Affordably priced and impressively crafted, EA's new IZH Series offers a choice of shotgun styles, and features that put more fun in shooting. The IZH18 single-barrel model has hammer-forged steel barrel, machined steel receiver and birchwood stock. The IZH27 offers hammer-forged barrel, checkered stock, extractors, ventilated rib. The IZH81 is a magazine-fed pump action model whose detachable magazine makes loading and unloading fast, safe and easy. And the IZH43 side-by-side includes hammer-forged barrel, checkered stock, extractors, non-glare rib. Call (407) 639-4842 for specifications or location of nearest dealer.

William Evans Ltd.
67 a St. James's Street, London SW1A 1PH England, 011-44-171-499-5505
Est.: 1883
FAX: 011-44-171-499-1912
Mgng. Dir: M. Gates Fleming
E-mail: sales@williamevans.com Manufactured in: England Side by Side; available in 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge and .410. Over and Under; available in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410.

c/o Heckler & Koch, Inc.
21480 Pacific Blvd., Sterling, VA 20166
(703) 450-1900 FAX: 8160
President: Eoin Stafford
Sales Mgr: Ben Bennington
See Heckler & Koch listing for information.

Fabbri snc
Via Dante Alighieri, 29, 25062 Concesio (BS), Italy
FAX: 011-39-030-2187301
E-mail: fabbri@fabbri.it Manufactured in: Italy Price Range: $72,000 + Engraving

Fausti Stefano SRL
Via M. Dell'Indipendenza, 70, 25060 Marcheno (BS), Italy
FAX: 011-39-30-8610155
E-mail: info@faustistefanoarms.com www.faustistefanoarms.com Made in: ItalyOver/under shotguns and SxS shotguns in all gauges.

Benelli USA Corp.
17603 Indian Head Hwy., Accokeek, MD 20607
(301) 283-6981 FAX: 6988
Contact: Steve Otway

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company
PO Box 1692, New Britain, CT 06051-1692
(860) 225-6581 FAX: (860) 832-8707
Contact: Carol Torneo
Manufacturer of shotguns in the United States:- A.H. Fox side by side in 4 gauges: 16, 20, 28 and .410. Five grades available. The A.H. Fox guns are priced from $11,000. - Winchester Model 21 built to order in conjunction with US Repeating Arms. Also, factory repair and parts.- A GALAZAN full sidelock over & under shotgun in any gauge (12, 16, 20, 28, .410), priced from $38,000.

GSI Incorporated
PO Box 129, Trussville, AL 35173
(205) 655-8299 FAX: 7078
Est.: 1983
E-mail: info@gsifirearms.com US importer and service center featuring Merkel shotguns of Germany and Steyr-Mannlicher rifles of Austria.

Gamba of America/Firing Line
20 S. Potomac St., Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 363-0041
Est.: 1980 Staff: 15
Contact: Len Guldman
Manufactured in: Gardone, ItalyPrice Range: $3,500 and up Shooters depend on S.A.B. Renato Gamba of Italy, for performance, balance, dynamics and elegance. These superb over and unders feature a precision machined receiver, a low profile barrel fitted to reduce recoil and a "Boss" style locking system. Available in dozens of styles for all shotgun disciplines, with over 15 different engraving patterns from which to choose.

Griffin & Howe
33 Claremont Rd., Bernardsville, NJ 07924
(908) 766-2287 FAX: 1068
Est.: 1923
Contact: Joe Prather
E-mail: prather@griffinhowe.com 33 W. 44th St., Suite 1011 New York, NY 10036 (212) 921-0980 Fax: (212) 921-2327 Contact: Richard Welch E-mail: welch@griffinhowe.com 340 West Putnam Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830 (203) 618-0270 Fax: (203) 618-0419 Manufactured in: U.K. Price Range: $5,750 & Up The Griffin & Howe Round Body Game Gun, built by Arrieta, is a classic gun for the game shooter. Fitted to your dimensions and cased with accessories. Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 & .410 bore. Importers of fine English guns and Griffin & Howe Over and Under field and sporting guns.

H&R 1871, Inc.
60 Industrial Rowe, Gardner, MA 01440
(978) 632-9393 FAX: 2300
Est.: 1991 Staff: 270
VP/Sales & Mktg.: Robin Sharpless
Manufactured in: USAPrice Range: $69 to $199 Single barrel single shot, shotguns including special models for deer (slug) hunting and turkey guns. From .410 to 10 ga. as well as eight distinct youth guns including a 28 ga. We are the worlds largest producer of single barrel shotguns.

Heckler & Koch, Inc.
21480 Pacific Blvd., Sterling, VA 20166
(703) 450-1900 FAX: 8160
Est.: 1976 Staff: 50
President: Eoin Stafford
Sales Mgr: Ben Bennington
Heckler & Koch, Inc. is the exclusive American distributor for Fabbrica Bresciana Armi S.p.A. (FABARM), one of Italy's preeminent shotgun manufacturers. HK handles a wide spectrum of FABARM shotguns; including semi-automatics, pumps action, over & unders, and side-by-sides.In addition to FABARM, HK is a significant force in the development and production of a full range of technologically advanced firearms for sporting, defense and law enforcement use.Operating from facilities in Sterling, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC., HK, Inc. serves a variety of customers, including the American military, Federal and local law enforcement, and the civilian firearms market.Call or write for more information on Heckler & Koch's full range of products and services.

Hi-Grade Imports
PO Box 519, Gilroy, CA 95021
(408) 842-9301 FAX: 9323
Est.: 1987 Staff: 3
Contact: Harry Marx
Importers of the Spanish Kemen, Arrizabalaga, Grulla and the Italian Ferlib.

Holland & Holland Sporting Weapons Limited
50 East 57th St., New York, NY 10022
(212) 752-7755 FAX: 6805
Est.: 1835 Staff: 6
Contact: Gun Room
www.hollandandholland.com Makers of the famous side-by-side Royal shotguns and double rifles, as well as the new Royal Over & Under shotguns in calibers from 12 Ga. to .410 Ga. and the very successful Sporting Over & Under models in the 12 Ga., 20 Ga. or 28 Ga. The Gun Room also has an excellent selection of second hand best London guns as well as new guns from other makers for every budget. We purchase English game guns and rifles and we do expert Estate or Insurance valuations. Come visit us in the heart of New York City!

Intrac Arms International L.L.C.
5005 Chapman Hwy., Knoxville, TN 37920
(800) 251-9871 (423) 573-0065
FAX: (423) 579-0937
Sales Mgr: Craig Bullock
Importer of Chinese shotguns and muzzle-loading rifles.

Ithaca Classic Doubles
The Old Station, #5 Railroad St., Victor, NY 14564
(716) 924-2712 FAX: 2737
Est.: 1998 Staff: 3
Contact: Stephen R. Lamboy
E-mail: ithacadoubles@mindspring.com Ithaca Classic Doubles reintroduces the famed Ithaca NID Series side-by-sides, masterpieces of skilled labor and modern computer machining. Four grades, three gauges, choice of barrel lengths, stock and forend styles. NID shotguns feature double triggers, ejectors, lightning lock speed, original bone charcoal case colors, hand engraving and checkering, raised ribs, exhibition grade American black walnut. Options available. Call for complete information.

Ithaca Gun Company, LLC
891 Rt. 34B, King Ferry, NY 13081
(315) 364-7171 FAX: 5134
Contact: J. Kenneth Walker or
Bob Nase
Offers the Model 37 Deerslayer (slug gun) in three styles, in 12 and 20 gauges. Also, there's a field grade 37, Turkey Slayer, Waterfowler and Classic 37.

K.B.I., Inc.
PO Box 6625, 5480 Linglestown Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17112
(717) 540-8518
Est.: 1988 Staff: 7
VP/Sales: Steven M. Cohen
Price Range: $110 to $20,000 Baikal, over/under, side by side and single barrels (Russia), Sabatti O/U's (Italy). Armscor pump action (Philippines). The Charles Daly shotgun is complete offering all gauges and types.

Kennedy Gunmakers
22 Church St., Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 8AR England
FAX: 011-44-1566-774032
Contact: Tony Kennedy
E-mail: tk@kennedyguns.demon.co.uk www.kennedyguns.demon.co.uk

Kolar Arms
1925 Roosevelt Ave., Racine, WI 53406
(414) 554-0800 FAX: 9093
Est.: 1968 Staff: 46
Partner/Pres: John Ramagli
Partner: J. Mainland
Manufactured in: U.S.Price Range: $7,295 & Up Manufacturer of the Kolar Competition S/C, Skeet & Trap Combo in six (6) grades starting at $7,295. The guns feature all those items formerly associated with custom products. Machined from chrome moly, all guns have mechanical, coil spring detachable triggers, overbored fixed or C.T. barrels, a variety of ribs that have adjustable point of impact in both un-single and over/under. Custom fitting is available at the factory with all guns, as are wood upgrades. Fourteen factory stocks are available in right and left hand versions. Brochure and complete pricing available on request.

Krieghoff International, Inc.
7528 Easton Rd., PO Box 549, Ottsville, PA 18942
(610) 847-5173 FAX: 8691
Est.: 1985 Staff: 14
Chairman: Dieter Krieghoff
President: Jim Hollingsworth
Manufactured in: GermanyPrice Range: $6,900 & Up Krieghoff International imports, distributes and provides factory service for K-80 competition shotguns for trap, skeet and sporting clays; the new K-20 sporting and field shotgun; and the Classic Side by Side Double Rifle.

Lanber Shotguns
Imported by ITC International, Inc.
1720 Cumberland Point Dr., Suite 5, Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 858-0048 FAX: 0051
President: Jean Constantinides
Manufactured in: SpainPrice Range: $850 to $1,250 depending on options.Imported by ITC International, Lanber Shotguns are manufactured by master craftsmen. Offering exceptional value, these premium quality firearms feature the exclusive Lanberchoke system to provide a consistent advantage in hunting or competitive shooting events. Both semi-automatic and over-and-under models are available. Phone or fax for a consultation.

Laurona-Armas Eibar, S.A.L.
Avda, Otaola, 25, PO Box 260, 20600 Eibar, Spain
FAX: 011-34-943-700616
Contact: Alfonso Uria
E-mail: laurona@laurona.comO/U & semi-automatic shotguns & express rifles.

Lebeau - Courally
Continental Firearms
Rue Saint - Gilles, 386, B-4000 Liege, Belgium
Est.: 1865
FAX: 011-32-42-522008
Director: Anne-Marie Moermans
Manufactured in: BelgiumBuilt in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 bore and chambered for a 2 3/4" and 3" shell.

Ljutic Industries, Inc.
732 N. 16th Ave., Suite 22, Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 248-0476 FAX: (509) 576-8233
Est.: 1937 Staff: 25
Gen. Mgr.: Nadine Ljutic
Manufactured in: USAPrice Range: $4,495 to $22,995 12 ga. single barrel target shotguns (only Ljutic designs) 12 ga. O/U's for trap, skeet, live birds & international trap/skeet. The only totally custom shotguns produced in U.S.

Maverick Arms, Inc.
7 Grasso Ave., PO Box 497, North Haven, CT 06473
(203) 230-5300 FAX: 5420
Est.: 1988
Price Range: Under $200Maverick by Mossberg pump shotguns.

David McKay Brown (Gunmakers) Ltd.
32 Hamilton Road, Bothwell, Glasgow, G71 8NA, Scotland, UK
FAX: 011-44-1698-854207
Round action O/U game guns

c/o GSI Incorporated
PO Box 129, Trussville, AL 35173
(205) 655-8299 FAX: 7078
E-mail: info@gsifirearms.com US importer and service center featuring Merkel side-by-side and over/under shotguns, double rifles, drillings and combinations guns. Traditional German quality, meticulous hand craftsmanship, exceptional value.

William Larkin Moore & Co.
8340 E. Raintree Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 951-8913 FAX: 3677
Est.: 1990 Staff: 4
Contact: William Moore, David Moore or Dan Moore
Dealers & Importers of F.lli, Lebeau-Courally, F.lli Rizzini, Rizzini B., Armas Garbi, Emmebi (Cases & Acces.), Brady Brothers Ltd., C.C. Filson. William Larkin Moore & Co. is the sole U.S. importer for F.lli Piotti, Lebeau-Courally, and Armas Garbi shotguns and double rifles. All guns imported by us include a firm price quoted at time of order, all duties and taxes paid and delivery to your local dealer. We specialize in fine quality and collectible double guns, and also carry a largest selection of new and used sporting guns. We accept consignment gun sales. For more information on current selection and pricing, please call or write.

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.
7 Grasso Ave., North Haven, CT 06473
(203) 230-5300 FAX: 5420
Est.: 1919 Staff: 400
www.mossberg.comFounded in 1913, O.F. Mossberg & Sons is the world's largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer. With over 107 design and utility patents to its credit, Mossberg is considered to be one of the most innovative firearms manufacturers in U.S. history. Call or write us for more information on Mossberg's complete line of commercial, personal defense, law enforcement and military pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns, and a full range of accessories.

New England Arms Corp.
PO Box 278, Lawrence Lane, Kittery Point, ME 03905
(207) 439-0593 FAX: 6726
Est.: 1975 Staff: 6
Contact: Greggory Elliott or
Stephen McCarthy
www.newenglandarms.com Exclusive U.S. distributors for F.lli BERTUZZI, Importers and dealers for F.lli Rizzini, I. Rizzini, B. Rizzini, Telo, Luciano Bosis, Poli, Roto, Famars, Luchini, Armitalia, Cosmi, Fabbri, Ferlib, Casartelli, Zanotti, Arrizabalaga, Arrieta, H. Dumoulin, A.H. Fox Gun Co.Extensive inventory specializing in high quality doubles. You will find names like Purdey, Boss, Holland & Holland, Churchill, Westley Richards, parker, A.H. Fox, Lefever, Winchester, Francotte, Piotti, Beretta, Perazzi, Renato Gamba, A.Y.A., Merkel, Sauer, Browning, and many more.Complete gunsmithing services by British gunsmith. Stock fitting and bending. Complete restoration services.

New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd.
438 Willow Brook Rd., Plainfield, NH 03781
(603) 469-3450 FAX: 3471
Contact: Dietrich Apel or
Jim Sadoski
AYA, German Guild Guns and Double Square Bridge Mauser Rifles and Actions.

Norinco Sports USA
1921 Lynx Pl., Ontario, CA 91761
(888) 887-7381 FAX: (909) 598-8819
CEO: Randy Men
Norinco Field Series Shotgun offers two models: Pump Action Shotgun Model 98 (PF28WB and PF26SB; and one model Autoloader Shotgun Model 2000 (SF28WB). In addition, it offers 4 Defense Series models.


Historic Rt. 7A, Manchester, VT 05254
(802) 362-2580 FAX: 3525 Contact: Lars Jacob Only U.S. company offering custom stocked Berettas offered in all configurations using the finest exhibition grade walnut, completed in six weeks. Importers of Arrieta side by side shotguns. Professional gun fitting by experienced fitters using our own Beretta try guns. Custom stocking, alterations, and complete gun repair. Complete line of used double guns. Consignment gun sales.

Visit our Web Site at: 


Historic Rt. 7A, Manchester, VT 05254
(802) 362-2580 FAX: 3525
Contact: Lars Jacob
Only U.S. company offering custom stocked Berettas offered in all configurations using the finest exhibition grade walnut, completed in six weeks.- Importers of Arrieta side by side shotguns.- Professional gun fitting by experienced fitters using our own Beretta try guns.- Custom stocking, alterations, and complete gun repair.- Complete line of used double guns.- Consignment gun sales.
Visit our Web Site at: 


Perazzi USA Inc.
1207 S. Shamrock Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 303-0068 FAX: 2081
Est.: 1981 Staff: 6
Vice President: Lucio Sosta
Manufactured in: Italy We offer a full line of shotguns, in all configurations for use in Sporting Clays, American Trap & Skeet, International Trap & Skeet and Hunting. Perazzi shotguns are available from the Standard Grade Models through Extra-Extra Gold Grade. For a full color catalogue and price list or the dealer nearest you, please call or write to us.

Visit our Web Site at: 


William Powell & Son, Ltd.
35-37 Carrs Lane, Birmingham, B4 7SX, England,
FAX: 011-44-121-631-3504
Est: 1802
Contact: Peter Powell
E-mail: sales@william-powell.co.uk www.william-powell.co.uk Manufactured in: England Side by Side; available in 12, 16 and 20 gauge. Full color mail order catalogue available free of charge.

Precision Sales International, Inc.
PO Box 1776, Westfield, MA 01086
(800) 221-2613 (413) 562-5055
Est.: 1978 Staff: 5
Contact: Robert C. Pearson, Jr.
Importer of MarocchiManufactured in: Italy Price Range: $1,500 and up Exclusive marketers of Conquista and Conquista USA, Model 99 and Golden Snipe by Marocchi--sporting clays over/under with incredible performance for the serious sporting clays shooter.

Puccinelli Design
Shooting Star Sports
PO Box 652, Ross, CA 94957-0652
(415) 456-0379 FAX: (415) 460-5352
Est.: 1978 Staff: 4
Contact: Len Puccinelli
Let us build and import your ultimate gun--PD Perugini-Visini, PD A&S Famars, Fabbri SNC, A Galazan. Len Puccinelli has 34 years of unmatched experience in custom gunmaking and the shooting sports, including 12 with Ivo Fabbri. Featured in the book, "Fabbri Shotguns", Len Puccinelli's experience includes winning 6 National Championships and 4 Grand Prixs in 6 different countries.

James Purdey & Sons, LLC
844 Madison Ave., (at 70th St.), New York City, NY 10021
(212) 639-1500 FAX: (212) 452-9675
Est: 1814
Contact: Nigel Beaumont or
Robin Nathan
Audley House57-58 S. Audley St. London W1Y 6ED England 011-44-171-499-1801 FAX: 011-44-171-355-3297 E-mail: jamespurdey@btinternet.com www.purdey.com Manufactured in: England Side by Side & Over and Under sidelock ejector available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410.

Remington Arms Co., Inc.
PO Box 700, 870 Remington Dr., Madison, NC 27025-0700
(800) 243-9700 (336) 548-8700
FAX: (336) 548-7770
Est.: 1816
Remington has the industry's most comprehensive line of autoloading, pump, break-action and special purpose shotguns for hunters and clay target shooters. To complement their legendary Model 11-87 , 870 , 1100 , and 396 shotguns, they offer the world's largest selection of hunting and target shotshells, as well as reloading components, Blue Rock clay targets, traps, firearm care and cleaning products; genuine factory spare parts, shooting accessories and hard-working Remington knives.

Visit our Web Site at: 


John Rigby & Co. (Gunmakers), Inc.
1317 Spring St., Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 227-4236 FAX: 4723
Contact: Geoff Miller
Manufactured in: USA Side by Side sidelock ejector; available in 12 gauge to .410.

J. Roberts & Son (Gunmakers) Ltd.
66 Great Suffolk St., London, SE1 0BU United Kingdom, 011-44-171-620-0690
FAX: 011-44-171-928-9205
Contact: David Marx
Manufactured in: EnglandBest gun & rifle maker Agents: Rizzini.B, Pedro Arrizabalaga

Rossi Firearms
Braztech, L.C.
16175 NW 49 Ave., Miami, FL 33014
(305) 624-1115 FAX: (305) 623-7506
Contact: Robert Powell
Model #D12-a 12 gauge SxS with 20-inch barrels

SKB Shotguns
4325 S. 120th St., Omaha, NE 68137-1253
(402) 330-4492 FAX: 8040
Contact: Rob Johansen
Manufactured in: JapanPrice Range: $1,000 Importer for the SKB shotgun line.

Sabatti spa
Via A. Volta, 90, 25063 Gardone V.T. (BS), Italy
FAX: 011-0039-30-8912059
Contact: Emanuele Sabatti
E-Mail: info@sabatti.comhttp://www.sabatti.com

Scattergun Technologies, Inc.
620 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 254-1441 FAX: 1449
Contact: Roger Small
www.scattergun.comTactical Response shotguns; 15 models for law enforcement, personal and home defense. Also, Retro-Fits and rebuilds for customer supplied shotguns.

Corporate Park, Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 772-2302 FAX: 9082
Contact: Laura Burgess
The attention to detail shows in the field or on the range with the Sigarms Model SA5 Upland Hunter in 12 or 20 gauge, over/under. Features include a single selective trigger, manual safety, automatic ejectors, chrome lined bores, interchangeable choke tubes and 3-inch chambers. The American walnut stock & forend are checkered and now have a hand-rubbed oil finish. Call today for your nearest dealer.

Visit our Web Site at: 


Southwest Shooters Supply
Box 9987, Phoenix, AZ 85068
(602) 943-8595 FAX: 1713
Est.: 1976 Staff: 3
Contact: Alan Peck or
Bruce Kinkner
Manufactured in: ItalyPrice Range: begin at $8,400. Importer of Abbiatico & Salvinelli shotguns.

Stoeger Industries
5 Mansard Court, Wayne, NJ 07470
(973) 872-9500 FAX: 2230
VP: David C. Perkins
Price Range: $415-$729 Distribute IGA Shotguns that include O/U, SxS, coach guns, including a youth model. Also rifles, Sako and Tikka

Sturm, Ruger & Company
200 Ruger Rd., Prescott, AZ 86301
(520) 778-6555 FAX: (520) 541-8850
Est.: 1949 Staff: 1700
Mktg. Mgr: Syl Wiley
Price Range: $1,304 to $1,786Ruger Red Label and Woodside Shotguns are engineered with American firearms know-how, based on contemporary American target and field experience. Produced in 12, 20, 28 (Red Label only) gauge, straight stock and pistol-grip, sporting clays (12 and 20 gauge only) and standard models, there is a Ruger shotgun to fit every over-and-under user.

Thompson/Center Arms Company, Inc.
PO Box 5002, Rochester, NH 03866
(603) 332-2394 FAX: 5133
Contact: Bob Gustafson
The Encore can now be converted to a shotgun with the addition of a 20-gauge ventilated-rib shotgun barrel. An ideal choice for hunting grouse, pheasant or woodcock.

TRISTAR Sporting Arms, Ltd.
1814-16 Linn St., N. Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 421-1400 FAX: 4182
Est.: 1994
Owners: Marty Fajen or
Don Madole
E-mail: tristar@blitz-it.net Manufactured in: Europe & USA Price Range: $429-$1,699 TRISTAR offers an extensive line of Italian Over & Under and Side-by-side shotguns for the field and Sporting Clays range available in 12, 16, 20, 28 & .410 ga. TRISTAR's "Lady's Model" Over & Under shotguns feature a unique "Female Friendly" stock design, as specified by Ms. Marty Fajen. Exclusive importer for "Emilio Rizzini" over/under shotguns and R.F.M. (Rota) side by sides.

Imported by Federal Engineering Corp.
316 Meyer Rd., Bensenville, IL 60106
(630) 860-1938 FAX: 2085
Contact: Bob Kushen

Verona Shotguns
B.C. Outdoors
PO Box 61497, Boulder City, NV 89006
(702) 294-0025 FAX: 0121
Nat'l. Sales Mgr: Paul Parrott
Manufactured in: Italy B.C. Outdoors is a member of the Eldorado Cartridge Corporation group of companies, and is the importer of Verona Over/Under Shotguns from Italy. Available in .410, 28, 20 and 12 gauges, Verona shotguns come in Hunting, Sporting and Competition models, with Standard and Gold grades in each model. They embody an excellent combination of superior quality and affordability.

Watson Bros.
39 Redcross Way, London Bridge, London SE1 1HG UK
FAX: 011-44-171-403-3367
Est: 1885
Contact: Michael Louca
Manufactured in: EnglandGun & rifle makers specializing in round body self-opening SxS small bore and round body O/U shotguns. We build only 10 guns per year.

3100 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422-2544
(800) 227-2023 (805) 466-1767
FAX: (805) 466-2527
Est.: 1945 Staff: 35
Manufactured in: JapanPrice Range: $1,059 to $2,599 Orion Grade shotguns I, II & III; Athena Grade shotguns IV, & V, High Grade Over & Under Shotguns.

Westley Richards & Co., Ltd.
40 Grange Road, Bournbrook, Birmingham B29 6AR England, 011-44-121-472-2953
FAX: 011-44-121-414-1138
Contact: Simon Clode
Est: 1812 Manufactured in: England Side by Side: William Bishop Sidelock Ejector; 20, 28. Best quality hand detachable lock shotgun 12, 16, 20, 28, .410.

Westley Richards, Agency USA
4319 W. Chestnut Expwy., Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 869-8447 FAX: (417) 831-0089
Contact: Bob Francis

Winchester Firearms
U.S. Repeating Arms Co.
275 Winchester Ave., Morgan, UT 84050
(801) 876-3440 FAX: 3737
Est.: 1866
Manufactured in: USA & JapanPrice Range: $300 & Up Turkey, deer and field guns in RealTree camouflage patterns.

Woodcock Hill
Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers, Ltd.
RD#1, Box 147, Benton, PA 17814
(570) 864-3242 FAX: 3232
Est.: 1989
Glenn Baker or
Christa Baker
E-mail: bland@epix.netwww.woodcockhill.com Hand-made English shotguns and rifles made to order in England by our skilled craftsman. Call to discuss your requirements.

Antonio Zoli
Via Zanardelli 39, 25063 Gardone Val Trompia,, Brescia, Italy
FAX: 011-39-030-8911165

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